Tips for App and Internet Dating

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Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 4:46am UTC

The Do’s and Don’ts

Houston, TX, April 20, 2024— Dating has evolved significantly since the days of chaperoning, where an older person accompanied a couple on dates to prevent intimate physical interaction. Now, all people need to do it tap an app on their phone to connect with individuals from around the world at any time, any place, expressing themselves freely to anyone who responds. What fun!

Founder of Bempathy®, licensed professional counselor, Jill Robin Payne believes in applying a combination of banter and empathy to foster great relationships:

There are pros and cons to this, much like there were in the days when chaperones were necessary. Let’s simplify the complexities of dating by discerning what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the process and view dating as practice in finding your perfect partner. This mindset alleviates some of the pressure in the dating world, knowing that many potential matches are readily accessible to you. Literally at our fingertips! People just need to learn how to navigate a world inundated with so much. To start your personal path to healthier relationship today, check out Meeting People: It’s Not A Game by Jill Robin Payne:

First and foremost, remember that using apps and the internet opens up another world filled with unknowns and people from all over. There may be easy access to nearly everything, including finding a partner and even a BFF but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to like us, and vice versa. Knowing this is the first step to diving into the fun and exciting world of “Apps and internet.”

So, what are the ‘Do’s’? Be honest, choose the right platform, be clear about your intentions, be respectful, ask questions, use good grammar and spelling, meet in public places, let someone know, trust your gut.

On the don’t do side, don’t exaggerate! Being genuine is key to finding another person who is genuine. Remember you are eventually meeting this person face to face so they will virtually see the ‘real you’ so you might as well be authentic from the beginning. Avoid ghosting, sharing too much too soon, being overly aggressive, and solely communicating online. Don’t ignore ‘red flags,’ or judge solely based on looks. Remember beauty is only skin-deep and may only last a second, while the inside can make a person exude sex appeal that can last forever.

Wow, dating has become a sport! Or has it always been one? What team are you on? Think about it. A winning team needs to practice, find a clear purpose, be accountable, collaborate with self and others, embrace failure, engage in continuous learning, celebrating the successes and have a long-term focus. What is your long-term focus — a one nighter or a partner to enjoy for the rest of your life? You decide and go for it. Remember it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.

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